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Classy Workouts Version 1.2.6
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Classy is SoulCycle for the 99%. We believe everyone should have access to cutting-edge health and fitness.

You should never have to pay a studio $30 to spin one time or pay a trainer $100 for one workout. We provide an ever-growing set of tools, information, and resources that are developed by world-class trainers and scientists to help you connect with your true, healthy, beautiful self.

Features in Classy Workouts:

*Fitness Classes: classes for spin bikes, treadmills, and more, choreographed with heart-pounding music to help you bring out your best effort. Just bring your headphones and a positive attitude and follow along as your instructor guides you through a workout.

*Workouts: gym and in-home workouts that you can check off as you finish sets. All workouts are developed by top trainers and are designed to support beginners and experts alike.

*Programs: try one of our weekly programs on a consistent basis to achieve goals like fat loss, muscle gain, or athletic performance. Our techniques have been developed for olympic-level athletes and by PhDs and used successfully by millions of people at all levels around the world.

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CalPal Version 4.0.2
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Featured by Apple, TechCrunch, and others, CalPal is a beautiful calendar that simplifies and organizes your life.

• Cutting-edge design and animation that allows you to speedily navigate to other dates and seamlessly switch between different calendar layouts
• Synchronizes with all other existing calendars (Google, Exchange, iCloud, Yahoo, Facebook Events, etc.) connected to your iPhone
• Fast and reliable updating and editing, complete with reliable up-to-date notifications and background updating
• Fluid and dynamic color scheme that adapts and provides context as you navigate throughout the year

The power is best conveyed in the words of our users:

- "This is brilliant. Just makes life so much more organized."

- "Can't believe this hasn't been created already. Like I'm already feeling that 'how did I get on without this' feeling."

- "I love the app. It's exactly what my friends and I need to keep track of our events. It's very, very helpful."

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Kalpana's Kitchen Version 1.0.1
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Kalpana's Kitchen is a place for cooking enthusiasts to find and share delicious vegetarian recipes from one of the top Indian vegetarian chefs around!